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Professional Fuel System Cleaning

Getting enough fuel to your engine is very important for performance, fuel economy and safety. In order to accomplish this, your fuel system needs to be clean. Today’s production cars have fuel injectors, rather than a carburetor. The injectors need … Continue reading

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How Your Check Engine Light Works

Have you ever had an experience like this in Fillmore Utah? You drive through the one of those automatic car washes. When you get to the end, where the dryer is blowing, your check engine light started flashing! You fear … Continue reading

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On Board Diagnostics For Fillmore Motorists

  />   Some Fillmore motorists are confused by Dearden Motor charges for diagnostic services for a vehicle repair. Many services at Dearden Motor and other Fillmore automotive repair shops include diagnostic fees. When you take your laptop into a prove … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Fillmore Air Fresh When Driving With A Clean Cabin Air Filter

What is a cabin air filter? Is it: A. A filter for your Fillmore house? B. A fresh, piney scent? C. A filter for the passenger compartment of your car? Clever you, it’s C. A cabin air filter cleans the … Continue reading

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Charge It In Fillmore For Extended Battery Life

Here’s an interesting statistic for our friends in Fillmore Utah: Only thirty percent of car batteries make it to forty-eight months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from fifty-one months in extremely cold areas to … Continue reading

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